Company History

Costiway was started in April 2012 In Pretoria South Africa Costiway is a Registered (PTY) Limited company specialising in the supply of product and equipment to the healthcare industry in South Africa and surrounding countries.

The company was started as a third party sales marketing and distribution company with Barrs Pharmaceuticals as our first Principal supplier. Costiway has been distributing Barrs Pharmaceutical products on the Private market since our inception.

Costiway also has a number of our own Complementary dossiers registered including Nudrate Rehydration (licenced to Ranbaxy) and OS rehydration (marketed and distributed in-house).

Since 2012 Costiway has added 1 division, manufacturing of Surgical Trays division.


Costiway is primarily a Sales, Marketing and Distribution Company within the medical environment in South Africa and surrounds.

We distribute through the wholesale channel and to a small extent directly to Doctors and Pharmacies.

We make use of direct selling activities as well as Telesales and electronic sales.

We are especially active within the mining and industrial sectors as well as at key account level in order to generate Volume.

In addition we also focus on Pharmacy, dispensing GP as well as Private Clinics.

We have relationships with key customers in Botswana and Namibia and are able to distribute product to them if it has the appropriate registration.

Future Goals and Ambitions

Costiway strives to grow primarily by forging partnerships with companies which have product and are in need of Sales, marketing and distribution partners.

We also strive to grow our brand alongside that of our partners. Costiway has some own branded products and is in negotiation to acquire a number of dossiers.

Our Primary goal is to have a basket of products which meets our critical mass requirement.

Our medium term goal is to become a recognised pharmaceutical and medical supplier nationally and in the SADC region.

Our long term goal is to have an established presence in Rest of Africa.

What We Can Offer Our Partners

We offer our partners an established company with existing relationships in Key Account and retail customer bases.

We have penetration into pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers as well as retail and hospital businesses in South Africa.

We offer a sales and distribution network which has national coverage in South Africa.